Ivan Iannoli


Hi there. Because my full website is under construction, I created this temporary page to accompany my application to UCSF for the Graphic Designer position. I’m showing a few projects that highlight my experience and interests. If you’d like to see more work or discuss anything further, please do reach out. I’d be thrilled to get a chance to talk.

The Fields

The Fields was a wine brand I co-founded in 2019. I was personally responsible for all of the visual system for the project, including concept, naming, graphic and web design, e-commerce, email marketing, and photography/video.

The concept of The Fields honors interdisciplinarity, and celebrates the various fields of interest and expertise that go into not only wine, but into (food) culture, community, advocacy, art, design, and, so much more. Accordingly, the logo concept features overlapping fields of color meant to indicate differing practices that together form a system. 

Label design
Label design, prepress
Social media
Website & ecommerce design
                      Email marketing, design

                                                                                       Logomark & Logotype

Other Work

A collection of some other projects I’ve done, encompassing graphic design, web design, and photography.

Design & layout for internal SFUSD manual
Website for Friends of the San Pablo Bay National Wildlife Refuge (Wordpress)
Website for artist Wayne Smith (Squarespace)
Photography for Offset Partners
Portrait / team photography for Offset Partners
Promotional flier design for client
Exhibition announcement

2021, 2024

I designed & produced 2 different editioned clock series (in 2021 and 2023/4). They were initiated and sold first through a collaboration with Conventional Projects, and are now now available at Park Life (who also presented them at the Fog Art Fair in January). These give me a chance to create physical work with my hands, and think about material forms and consider the relationship of art to function. I display them here as this kind of work informs my design work, which is rooted in free play, experimentation, color, and balance.

This site is under construction and therefore incomplete. If you’d like to get more information -- or see more work -- across any category of design (web/print), photography, art, teaching, or more, please do send me a message. Thank you!